send valentines flowers
send valentines flowers
I have been eating since the night of December 23. We went to my niece in Abbeville to exchange gifts and visit my grandmother and daughters of Erin Carmen, my youngest granddaughter, Allison, my son and daughter-Cecile, Lynn. You can not eat without taking waste during the holiday home.
Christmas was a banquet with my new family, Iberia and Abbeville Moss Bluff family in tow. My granddaughter Allison and cousins who “Reese and Emily are always happy when they can get together and play. My great have been with us all, for the first time. On Christmas Day with his family spent a lot of food and debris.I was too full and sleepy for the New Year. It is difficult, because the problems anyway and put the new year comes another feeding frenzy and we will all the top line. They are eligible for Medicare this year. I suppose you could call a point of reference, such as birth, baptism, first communion, confirmation, marriage and work just the way we do not think that I will not, but you know what it. It’s the end of the road.
I have good news. I saw the Saints win their game in the New Year’s Day and that means I put the evil eye has lost its power. I am free to watch every game and not have to worry about my presence cast a spell on them and make them lose. In the past, if I always seem to lose the match. I’m sure they are relieved that Gris Gris stops.
I decided not to make New Year’s resolutions, so I can say I kept my decision to take no action.
I shop on Black Friday. I am not capable. I do not want to exercise and, possibly, to be executed by pepper spray or the lot or resort to violence to get the right children are tired the day after Christmas.
I will be hitting the shops with my gift cards. I complete my Barnes and Noble. I have a little backup. Walmart my book is still in good shape. Three of the ladies of the family, we have gift cards restaurant. Each of us has another, it will be to take the road to Cracker Barrel, Outback Steakhouse and Ruby Tuesday.
To avoid the purchase of retirement is Valentine candy. Mine Valentine’s Day so I hold. Soon finished Halloween candy. The children hid from me, but the parents insisted that I take at home. If I get hyper, nobody cares. The time of king cake will soon be upon us and is ready to do business in Easter candy and I have something, do not treat the plan to keep children in hiding. Deceived me, and guide of all the golden eggs. Each child receives a golden egg for Easter.
If not do not call me. Errors will be turned off. For next year, all merry at all in 2012.
NANCY Pearce is a resident of New Iberia and contributed to a liturgical guide for priests. Many of its features appeared in a publication of national youth.
send valentines flowers

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