send valentines flowerssend valentines flowers, Valentine’s Day is a day full of books, candy, flowers and gifts.Like many festivals, the celebration can create adverse environmental and natural resource consumption and waste production. But this should not be the case.

“You can always have a special, perhaps even more creative and memorable celebration of Valentine’s Day while being environmentally responsible,” said Kendra Abkowitz Vanderbilt University and the Office of Sustainability Management of environment.

Here are some suggestions:

Send your Valentine Valentine instead of a paper. Greetings and 123 of the mark are a few of the many sites offering a day of Valentine’s electronics. If you send a Valentine document, be sure to send one that is printed on recycled paper that contains the content. Do not forget to recycle Valentine received what remains!
Give organic or locally grown flowers, a potted plant, a plant or tree perennials instead of the traditional. Trees adapted to southern United States, including oak, maple, Redbuds, Arrayanes mourning, birch, poplar and tulip. Suitable perennial southern United States include roses, chrysanthemums, peonies and hostas.
Give organic or fair trade chocolate. Organic chocolate is made from an environmentally friendly way, without pesticides, and chocolate Fair Trade ensures that cocoa farmers to work in a.Healthy, sustainable and safe to receive a fair wage for their products
Make a donation to an environmental organization, on behalf of your Valentine. More organizations may consider include the World Wildlife Fund, Harpeth River Watershed Association, the Sierra Club and the Arbor Day Foundation.
Planning a trip to a nature reserve, park or natural area. Your company will help you manage them. The U.S. National Park Service site can help you find the nearest national park.
A dinner at a local restaurant that specializes in organic food and products locally, or make your own romantic meal with local ingredients. Eating locally reduces the number of miles food travels to your support and local units. Cook their food also save, gas and money, avoiding the emission of greenhouse gas emissions.
It is committed to being green at work and at home. Easy ideas to include turning off lights when you leave the room, closing the computer at the end of the day, creating a space dedicated to recycling at home, wash only full loads of dishes and clothes, moderating the thermostat when you leave your home or office for long periods of time, unplug appliances not in use, and printing or using both sides of paper whenever possible.

send valentines flowers


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