send valentines flowers

send valentines flowers

When my house was built in 1950, no gutters, the water coming out of the roof was captured by the sidewalk surrounding the foundation qualified. This rain garden paths directed away from the paved road to disperse in the street and storm sewer system.As a style, call the golden age of the fight against flooding.

After seeing 33 inches of rain to flow from the property last year, but are then forced to eliminate the municipal drinking water to water the garden, the house has become a priority for the channel to capture the rain and do not miss the future. Finally, a type of storage will be involved, but as a first step, the challenge was to get the points on the canal basin in rain gardens. If done well, why would be seen in our irrepressible season in California to take off in February and March.

PART 1: that just do Gutters

The first step was the creation of a roof diagram to see the articles that get the second round, then looked Ruben Ruiz. The artist of sheet metal, after the installation of gutters, such as production of sculptures that push water from which I liked, which was close to the foundation of the house or on the street where you want thirst is relieved of garden soil.

Using the map, it became clear that one of the largest sections of the roof water products that challenged both the deluxe treatment.Only a downspout drain classic North Slope of the water and get behind a fence that would be discharged to irrigate fruit trees.

In addition, the movement of water can be achieved by the sculpture. Each channel requires a new brand to act as a practical art and fixative diffusion. When asked if she could be flower-shaped attachment, Ruiz has been for some weeks in their study.

He returned with a number of devices manufactured. There was a metal aqueduct that steps could be reconstituted with water to make an access road and place them on a bed of flowers.
Whirlygig was a spin, trapped and the water that was potentially useful for a single channel flow through the landscape and spit, if not to prevent rust and turning.

There was a metal version of a channel in which three successive flower sculptures Extender, and then poured water.

Finally, there were large sculptures of flowers can handle more than 3 meters. Like real flowers, which are captured and a cup of water. Unlike real flowers, the leaves fall and then the metal water in a series of small sculptures, until the water can be transported safely away from the masonry and in a seed bed thirsty.

Because I was improvising, I decided to work in a corner of the house at a time. Three days before Christmas, Ruiz (right) flowers came with the metal of the most important corner of the house. Over time, the concrete is in place more than one mailbox, but this day was for positioning. As the holes were dug and grand-son of Reuben, Alfredo Ruiz, blurred roof hose to send water through the channels, through a chain of flowers and a test, the Santa Ana winds were pushing for the quick bursts, not only breathe water cascade. It was providential to estimate how much water would be achieved by locking in a storm. The water was still more or less where it should have been. The three of us made a happy dance.

Seal of the falling water was incredibly beautiful, which brings me to an important point on the metal and water. The first thing the artist Leigh Adams has when presented with a sample of my metal chain was placed under the kitchen tap. “It’s perfect,” said he heard metal hit the water. This would not have occurred to the density of the metal chosen for a system of channels may be of interest beyond sustainability. We chose a decent level, for structural reasons. But an equally important aspect, of course, phonetically. Song produced by the folds of the water in a depression – or falling flowers of one of Ruiz – can be calm or a rocket. In this case, that day, as we have red Ruiz Flores, calmed down.

Cement will be made after the account is published. As we move to the next corner of the house, Ruiz and his team faces a new set of challenges. If the sculpture is placed in the ground or in the house, a replica of the style of a satellite dish? What will be anchored at strong winds do not blow? It will be stolen?

As we turn, finally, in every corner of the map Valley, we will experiment with new ideas about the shape, dispersion, security, change and retention costs. Many prototypes will be tested before doing something that might one day become a standard tool for water conservation.

It’s a great question. This challenge reminds me through it is the house where everyone is allowed their more personal, where we have our own William Mulholland and Frank Lloyd Wright. As I signed my garden column for the Los Angeles Times past, if we have learned anything in writing to the main section is that learning, experimentation and play are the essence of gardening.

send valentines flowers


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